Q: IKEA SEKTION legs to clear heating baseboards?

The goal: to gain closet storage in our master bedroom via SEKTION cabinets.

The problem: we have baseboard hot water heating running along the only wall to place the cabinets. The baseboard heating system is 8.5” from floor along the wall. This means the IKEA SEKTION legs that come with the cabinets will not work. Also, we can’t use rear legs – only front.


We do have an idea … but, anyone with experience with this?

The idea: wall mount the SEKTION cabinets with rail as normal. However, attach Pretty Peg 9.1” legs to the fronts of the cabinets only. This will put the cabinets above the heating unit, allow heat to still radiate in the room, and still use the railing.

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The problem with the idea: Perhaps more than I have envisioned, but the main issue being how will the legs look with no toe kick and there will be no room (very little room?) to adjust the legs to ensure level.

The picture below show what we are working around (heating and window). The blue marks on the wall note where the cabinets end and start.

bedroom space for closet
IKEA items used:

SEKTION cabinets

  • 15x24x80” tall cabinets x 2
  • 30x24x80 tall cabinets x 2
  • 30x24x30” drawers x 2
  • 15x24x30” drawers x 1
Other items:

This photo is the IKEA Kitchen Planner creation.


Hoping someone out there has done something this crazy or near this idea to gain some insight and help! Even just leg changing would be incredibly helpful!!

Thank you!

~ by Maggie G


Hi Maggie

I love the IKEA SEKTION / METOD range — it is so versatile and a great choice for bedroom storage.


Firstly, regarding legs. If you use the suspension rail to hold up the back of the cabinets, legs are only needed for the front. I would highly recommend using the suspension rail to avoid having the tall cabinets tip over.

Furthermore, do check with Pretty Pegs whether their leg bracket holes align to the ones already pre-drilled in the SEKTION cabinets. If they do, it will save you a bit of hassle making new holes. I believe Pretty Pegs can also advise you on level adjustments.

Secondly, the toekick. I believe the cabinets will look great without the plinth. Just like a regular cabinet with legs. For example, these Superfront legs on two METOD (non-USA version of the IKEA kitchen) cabinets. Look fab, don’t they? I’m sure your choice of the Carl 230 will look great too.

METOD and Superfront

Photo: Superfront

Lastly, I would advise checking with the manufacturer of the heating system on the clearance required for heat dissipation, if any. IKEA has taller SEKTION legs like this 14 ½” support leg, if required.


SEKTION support leg | IKEA.com

Good luck on the build and do update us when it’s all done. Would love to see it.

Happy hacking,


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