Avocado seed sprouting system with 2 IKEA items

An upgraded IKEA avocado seed sprouting system.

Here’s a tiny hack from my kitchen.

After I grew out of my traditional “avocado seed sprouting system” with the toothpicks, I had to find a better version which provided more space for the roots and saved the seeds.

toothpick system

My toothpick system

This video demonstrates the toothpick system.

I was researching in my kitchen and found the BLADET vase and the SPRITTA apple slicer as a good combination!

IKEA items:
  • SPRITTA apple slicer (901.529.99)
  • BLADET Vase (800.680.10)
Avocado seed sprouting instructions:

The slicer can hold more seeds in the correct height relative to the water level and we can avoid punching the seeds.

avocado seed sprouting IKEA hack

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Important thing is the water level, which should be at half the height of the seeds. So we must refill the water every few days.

avocado seed sprouting IKEA hack

They love the sunshine and warmth. My kitchen window is a good place for them.

avocado seed sprouting IKEA hack

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When the first leaves open, I would move them into flower soil.

Sad, but we have to know, avocado usually does not produce a crop indoors 🙁 but it’s fun and beautiful.

~ by Robert