Q: 2 short PAX doors instead of 1 tall one? Possible?

La Gibi asked on our FB group, “I would like to use that PAX wardrobe as a standalone. It will have some shelves, but I cannot find options for doors. I would prefer for it to have 2 doors; top and bottom.

What doors have you used?”

IKEA PAX wardrobe


Hi Gibi

Sadly, there are only two lengths for PAX doors:

  1. 76 5/8″ (195 cm) to fit 79 1/8″ (201 cm) frame
  2. 90 3/8″ (229 cm) to fit 92 7/8 ” (236 cm) frame

Any other lengths, you’ll need to cut the PAX doors. The good news is, you can cut the doors!

Merken made 3 shorter doors plus 1 tall one for her PAX craft closet. She used an acrylic template to get the holes right. Then, drilled new cup holes for new sets of hinges for the PAX doors. See the full tutorial here.

I’d suggest iron-on edge banding the exposed cut edges of the PAX doors.

Make your own doors

You can also make your own doors from plywood or MDF. Get your boards cut at Home Depot or your nearest hardware store and then assemble. It’s not as daunting as it sounds.

Buy custom

Another option would be to go custom.

Some IKEA compatible companies, such as The Cabinet Face, offer custom doors. They offer full length doors and may be able to make custom sizes for you. Check out A.S.Helsingö if you’re in Europe.

IKEA short PAX doors

Source: A.S.Helsingö

Hope you can get or make the doors you really want.

Happy hacking,


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