We made a Hello Kitty Bed and Playland

We made a two storey “Hello Kitty” Bed and Playland from 2 IKEA KURA loft beds. The first level is a play area while the bottom bunk is for sleeping.

DIY Hello Kitty Bed and Playland
IKEA items used:
kura loft bed

How we made our Hello Kitty Bed

First, we assembled the two KURA beds in loft position.

We wanted to add two facade pieces to the long side of KURA beds. In order to counterbalance the weight of the planks (1cm thickness), a couple of simple carpentry works needed to be done. 


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1. A wooden ‘C’ bracket is fixed to the bed with bolts and nuts and the other side is mounted to the wall.

wooden c bracket
wooden c bracket

2) Two pieces of 4cm x 4cm wooden beams are added to the frame that supports the facade.

wood beam

3) Three customized iron brackets with 10cm screws (with bolts and nuts) are installed to hold the bed frames together.

steel brackets
KURA loft bed

When the basic structure is in place, accessories are then added.

For example, two TROFAST step units are modified as table and storage.

DIY Hello Kitty Bed and Playland - top bunk
DIY Hello Kitty Bed and Playland - top bunk

One TROFAST step unit is used as the stairs (with 1cm roundish poles as rails).

DIY Hello Kitty Bed and Playland - stairs
DIY Hello Kitty Bed and Playland - stairs

We used the IKEA FEDERICKA fabric (discontinued) to cover up sections of the KURA bed and also create a cover between the KURA beds. 

SATTA knobs are used as “hooks” for bags. We installed the BEKVÄM spice racks onto the KURA wood frame as book/ toy shelves.   

BEKVAM book shelves

The last part was to decorate the facade with Hello Kitty wall decals. And we were done!

DIY Hello Kitty Bed and Playland - stairs

It was not an easy build. We spent about 2 weeks to build our Hello Kitty Bed and Playland. But we are so happy with the results.

~ by Grace

Jules Yap