R2-D2 dresser hack and it’s bleep bloop beep boop good

r2d2 dresser hack

Mary @the_handcrafted_haven tagged me on Instagram and was I glad she did. Her R2-D2 dresser hack blew me away.

I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars (after Episode 6, I pretty much gave up on the franchise) but R2-D2 has my heart.

Just look at it. *heart eyes*

IKEA item used:

Hemnes chest of drawers
HEMNES chest of 3 drawers | IKEA.com

Other materials:

  • Plywood
  • Paint – grey and blue
  • Sharpie
  • Brackets
  • Painter’s tape


R2-D2 Dresser hack

Mary started with a plain HEMNES chest of 3 drawers. The first and very essential step was to use a little R2-D2 Droid as inspo.

R2-D2 dresser hack

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With a pencil, she outlined R2’s design on the dresser. It’s no easy task getting every line and curve right. It’s a labor of love.

She outlined parts of the body that appear embossed on R2 with a grey Sharpie.

Next, she painstakingly painted the blue and grey parts. She used painter’s tape to help keep the lines within the boxes.

R2-D2 dresser hack

As for R2’s head, she drew a half circle on plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw. She first coated it in grey, then, transferred the face designs on it. Again, painting the face to look like R2.

The plywood head is then attached to the top of the dresser with brackets.

And voilà! R2-D2 dresser. Flanked by fellow droid, BB-8.

Now, if only we can add flashing lights and beep boop beeps, it will be complete.

See her Instagram Story Highlights for the tutorial.

For more amazing DIY decor like this, follow Mary @the_handcrafted_haven.

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