Multi-tasking HEMNES chest for the nursery

About a year ago we hacked the IKEA HEMNES of 8 drawers for our first nursery, after being inspired by this drawer front IKEA hack.

With our second one on the way, we wanted to do something familiar, but the nursery is a lot smaller. So we decided to use a (second hand) HEMNES chest of 3 drawers.

This time we decided to use the holes instead of handles. However, we decided to use two holes at the same place where the original handles were situated.

And because we needed a little bit more space for a bin and (extra) laundry basket, we added a shelf on the side of the chest.

HEMNES chest hack for the nursery

IKEA items used:

  • HEMNES chest of 3 drawers (second hand)
Hemnes chest of drawers

HEMNES chest of 3 drawers |

Other materials and tools:

HEMNES hack for the nursery:

We removed the handles and the three front plates. At the hardware store, they already cut the three pieces of plywood to the right size.

My brother in law helped me (again) with putting the right size holes in place of where the drawer fits the front and made the two holes.

He used the original fronts as the model for drilling and sawing the holes. He advised me not to make the groove where the bottom of the drawer fits in. Rather, we cut a small strip of the front of the drawer, put the front together and screwed four small corner profiles on the bottom so it stays perfectly fixed.

under the drawer

On the side we added an extra plywood shelf that was the right size for the laundry basket and the IKEA HÅLLBAR bin.

additional shelf

To attach it, we used two white metal shelf brackets. All the plywood pieces are sandpapered and varnished (three times). 

HEMNES chest hack for the nursery

~ by Marleen K