HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts

plywood drawer fronts

Plywood drawer fronts are so easy to add to the HEMNES.

After being inspired by this IKEA HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts, I wanted to do something similar in our new nursery.

But, I wanted a bigger chest, so I looked for a good deal on a second hand HEMNES chest of 8 drawers.

HEMNES chest of 8 drawers

HEMNES chest of 8 drawers | IKEA.com

I love plywood and with a large piece, I did multiple IKEA hacks!

This is how it looks with plywood drawer fronts.

HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts

I paired it up with a wall rack, the STOMMA clock, the ÖNSKLIG basket, and PLUMSA basket.

IKEA items used:
  • HEMNES chest of 8 drawers (I got mine second hand)
Other materials/tools:

DIY plywood drawer fronts:

I removed the handles and the top four front drawer plates.

At the hardware store, I got them to cut the four pieces of plywood to the right size. Then, I sandpapered and varnished the plywood (twice).

My brother-in-law helped me with drilling the right size holes according to the original drawer front. He also made holes for the handles. (I gave him one drawer front to use as a template).

He advised me not to route the groove where the bottom of the drawer fits in the drawer front. Rather, to cut a small piece of the front of the drawer, put the front together and screws a small corner profile on the bottom so it stays perfectly fixed.

KNARREVIK with plywood topper

We still had some plywood left over, and since we just moved into a new home, we did not want to invest that much in every room already.

But I did want to have a pair of matching nightstands for a low price. The cheapest prices nightstands often are made of metal. I thought the sound of metal could wake somebody up (if you put your phone/watch on your nightstand for example). 

So, I got two KNARREVIK nightstands, glued a piece of plywood (sandpapered and varnished twice) on top of the shelves.

KNARREVIK nightstands with plywood

Paired it up with two KUGGIS boxes to put in your night products. The bed is made with IKEA’s BERGPALM duvet cover.

And that’s it.

See my other hack, cube storage with plywood doors.

~ by Marlene K.