Making IKEA hacks work beautifully with home decor

A few weeks ago, I did an interview with a local interior design firm, Qube Integrated. And the topic in question — IKEA hacking and how interior design experts can help enhance the end result.

It was a new experience and it was not easy to look straight and speak to a camera! ??‍♀️ Nonetheless, it was a blast shooting it and gave me a greater appreciation for all the amazing folks who work in front and behind the camera.

Qube Integrated feat. Jules of IKEAhackers

The challenge I see from a lot of the hacks I’ve received over the years is how an IKEA hack can stick out like a sore thumb from the overall decor of the space. So the question is: Can an IKEA hack blend more seamlessly with home decor?

Perhaps it can, with some expert input.

Essentially, for the discussion, I picked out 4 different hacks from IKEAhackers. I explained what’s behind the hack and why I liked them. Then, Qube puts their designer spin on them. The results were interesting.

I’ve linked the video of my conversation with Kevin of Qube below. Hope you find it useful.

If you’re in Klang Valley, Malaysia, you can speak with Qube Integrated and their experts will help you blend IKEA hacks seamless with your home decor. Here’s their Facebook page here if you need to get in touch.

Happy hacking,


This video post is sponsored by Qube Integrated.