6 IKEA Advent Calendar ideas that are quick and easy

Have you got your advent calendar up? It’s still not too late. Once again, IKEA to the rescue.

What’s advent?

For most parts of my life, I had no idea there was such a thing as an advent, more so an advent calendar. Later on, I learnt that the advent (the word means “arrival” in Latin) is a countdown to Christmas.

While many modern advent calendars focus on little treats and surprises hidden behind each calendar day, the original purpose of the advent season was to help Christians remain focused on the birth and return of Jesus Christ. In each advent package, there could be scriptures, Bible stories and prayers to help children understand what Christmas is all about, besides the sweet treats.

Traditionally, it can range from 22 to 28 days leading to Christmas.

IKEA advent calendar ideas

I’m beginning to see advent calendar hacks popping up on my feed. Here are a few easy, DIY ones that I like.

#1 IKEA VINTER advent calendar

A fun use of the IKEA Vinter 2020 wall decoration. Label the Vinter gift bags with the supplied stickers, fill them up with chocolates and candy. Hang them up. So easy.

#2 Fabric tree countdown

This makes use of the printed Christmas Tree fabric. Use some clothes pegs and hang up the bags.

Add string lights behind the fabric for a whole lot more festive zing! See video below. Wait for it. It’s awesome.

#3 Box it up

There’s also the trusty MOPPE chest — container of all things sweet and nice.

#4 When you want to make an impression

Go big and bold with a KALLAX or EXPEDIT. See tutorial here. However, there are only 25 boxes, so time your countdown right.

IKEA advent calendar
#5 Quick and easy DIY

A simple and quick Advent calendar with IKEA napkins. It’s inexpensive DIY for a simple, subtle calendar. See more.

IKEA advent calendar
#6 IKEA readymade version

Lastly, IKEA, in some countries sells an Advent Calendar. (Linked here for the Netherlands). The wonderful thing is, it has chocolates and sweet treats already embedded in it without the need to assemble anything.

Best of all, behind those “doors” are two gift cards worth at least €5. Retailing at €10.99 for IKEA Family Members, the calendar pays for itself. Somebody get me one!

So, do you have an advent calendar? Share your ideas with us.