Hello 2021! Light the year up with a candle fireplace

A cosy candle fireplace to set the mood for 2021.

Happy 2021!

I’m back after a week’s break. It was refreshing to be away from my devices and reconnect with family and friends. I hope you had a wonderful time closing the year and ushering in the new one.

To be honest, 2021 is still up in the air for me. I’m still calling this year, next year. (The brain is slowly, chugging on, still processing 2020.) So I’ll take my time to ease into all this newness rather than jump right in. The plan is to take this first two weeks to reflect, pray and move with more intention than reaction.

Will 2021 be more of 2020? No one knows.

I’m not looking for that certainty. Rather, I’m looking to faith which gives my inner world an anchor when all is an ever changing landscape.

I pray you’ll find your inner footing too.

And with that let’s kick off 2021 with this very doable candle fireplace hack from Annalisa.

~ Jules

candle fireplace IKEA hack

A candle fireplace from two LACK tables

IKEA items:
Other materials and tools:
How to:

I wanted to create a candle fireplace using two LACK tables that I already had and on which the TV was already placed.



I removed one front leg from each table and joined the two tables by fixing wooden slats underneath so that it became a single large table. (You can also use the rectangular LACK table (90 x 55cm). For my case, I used the two square ones because I already had them).

joining two LACK tables

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Then, I raised the table by 10 cm using the removed LACK legs. I attached them with glue and tape. Let the glue dry thoroughly. (You can also use pieces of wood to raise the height of the fireplace.)

After that, I cut out the corrugated sheets, obtaining suitably sized panels to put both inside and outside. And also some for the front to create the frame. (Click the photos below to enlarge and see the process).

I lined the bottom panel with a faux brick effect double-sided adhesive paper. Then, on the two internal side panels, I lined with white double-sided adhesive paper.

The internal faux brick panel I placed it inside but not too far, but a little further on, using scotch tape and pieces of wood as separators, so the fireplace is not come too deep. Then, I applied the internal side panels.

I applied the white double-sided adhesive paper to cover the tables externally and on the upper side, taking care to make it adhere well without bubbles.

Then, I applied to the front and lateral frame profiles and wooden decorative pieces which I already painted with white paint.

candle fireplace IKEA hack
candle fireplace IKEA hack

Lastly, place battery operated flameless candles in the fireplace.

~ by Annalisa Rizzo from Pisa, Italy