8 ways to turn IVAR into a super useful folding screen

A folding screen is a quick way to divide a room and create private spaces. IKEA currently sells the RISÖR room divider and that’s it. Nothing much in this department.

But fret not, it’s easy to make one. The IVAR side units are perfect for this DIY project and can be customised to function as more than a privacy screen in so many ways.

#1 IVAR fabric folding screen

Materials and tools:

I actually broke down the side units and modified their width to about 17” but it wasn’t really necessary.

Then, I filled the holes with putty for a more finished look.

After the putty dried, I sanded and stained the posts. Lastly, sealed them with polyurethane.

Ivar side unit

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Then I placed one panel next to another and attach them together with hinges. I used 3 per joint.

Ivar side unit
Ivar side unit as folding screen

Place the panels flat on the fabric. Cut fabric to size for each panel. Fold and staple the edges to the IVAR post. Pull the fabric taut for a smooth finish.

IKEA Ivar folding screen

~ by Corinne

IKEA made one too some time ago. See their version pictured below.

IKEA Ivar folding screen

#2 A charming partition with cane webbing

ivar folding screen cane

Photo: LivetHemma

This lovely one is from IKEA’s discontinued DIY blog, Livet Hemma. Instructions are lost but you can refer to this IVAR cane headboard post for a similar tutorial.

#3 Macrame it

IVAR macrame screen

Photo: MyFrenchTwist

Love this gorgeous knotted screen from My French Twist. Despite how complicated it looks, she reassures us that it consists of one basic knot (excluding the Lark’s Head Knot at the top.) That makes it so doable, even for macrame noobs. Tutorial here.

#4 Add a shelf and plants

plant room divider with shelf

Photo: Emmeline Foxley

The same folding screen frame but staggered with the addition of the shorter side unit. Which makes for a more interesting formation, if prefer a varied height. Emmeline added a plank across the rungs to form a shelf. You can certainly add more planks for more shelving. Read more.

#5 Jewellery display and privacy screen

jewelry display privacy screen

Photo: Pinterest

A wonderful idea for the bedroom or dressing room. It’s a screen that works double duty as a jewelry holder. See more.

#6 Folding screen with pockets

folding screen with pockets

Photo: IKEA.com

IKEA gives us this idea of a screen with pockets! I can see it work in the home office, craft room or to shield off the entryway.

#7 Solid screens

solid panels

Photo: Livet Hemma

Another one from Livet Hemma. For more privacy, screw on solid wood panels onto the IVAR side units for a total cover up.

#8 Make it with twine

partial screen

Photo: Pinterest

Partial cover that still lets light through. Alternate with fabric and twine or any kind of yarn you like.

Some pointers before you begin:

The 20″ IVAR side units would be more stable with its wider footprint. Bear in mind, if you choose the taller units, it may wobble or topple easily when opened too wide. Please note that this project may not be suitable if you have small children (or cats!)

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