Utility Cabinet to keep cleaning supplies organised

I decided to do this hack after researching what to put in the utility cabinet to suit my needs. The cleaning supply pull out for the SEKTION kitchen cabinet is only available for a 24″ deep cabinet, not the 15″ deep cabinet.

Then, I visited IKEA for inspiration and I saw in the PAX closets an insert that did exactly what I hacked.

IKEA item used:
materials for utility cabinet
Other materials and tools:

SEKTION utility cabinet instructions:

First, install high cabinet according to instructions.

Then, I measured out how much space I needed to hang and maneuver my brooms and my cleaning supplies.

Cutting the wall cabinet

I cut approximately three quarter of an inch from the bottom of the wall cabinet to line up where the shelving holes lined up on the high cabinet. 

Half an inch was cut at the back of the side and top of the wall cabinet so it was able to align with the sides of the high cabinet from front to back.

I did not use the back that was supplied with the wall cabinet.

Dowel holes were drilled into the bottom shelf of the high cabinet and dowels were glued in.

I assembled the left half of the wall cabinet and secured it to the right side of the high cabinet [as if it was the right side of the wall cabinet] using the supplied binding post screws and connector nuts while aligning the dowels on the bottom shelf with the holes in the bottom of wall cabinet.

Once everything was assembled and leveled, I installed the shelves where I wanted them.

Installing the rail

I also needed to hang my brooms. The first thing was to measure how deep I needed the KUNGSFORS rail to be to fit inside the cabinet.

Then, I cut about 2 1/2 inches off the rail. The insert at the ends of the rail for screwing it to the side popped right out and easily back in after the cut.

It was assembled and screwed into place.

Voilà! I have a utility cabinet. 

SEKTION utility cabinet
How long did it take and how much did it cost?

I don’t remember how long it took to put it all together from start to finish but it seems that an afternoon would cut it. 


  • KUNGSFORS rail $4.99
  • KUNGSFORS S hooks (package of 5) $2.99
  • SEKTION wall cabinet frame $65.00
  • SEKTION high cabinet frame $85.00

Total: $158.00

(The cost of the suspension rail and doors not included).

What’s the hardest part of the hack?

The hardest part about the hack was figuring out how to make the space I needed that IKEA did not offer in the design process.

The cleaning supply pull out is only available for a 24″ deep cabinet, not the 15″ deep cabinet.

Anything you would have done differently?

Looking back, I probably would have, during the design process, included where my trash and cleaning supplies would go exactly. On hindsight, I would have included a designated place or drawer for the dirty towels and work clothes that were waiting to be washed. 

~ by Mary