IKEA chip clip turns into a vinyl record stand

It’s more than likely that EKET cabinets were designed with vinyl records in mind.

It so happens that a record’s cover fits exactly inside the box so it can be used as a nice background that covers the back plate.

EKET display and vinyl record stand

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IKEA items:
Other Materials:
  • Vinyl record with inspiring cover art

EKET display and BEVARA vinyl record stand:

Only problem is, the record sometimes tips forward and comes falling down on its face.

Hmm.. to fix this issue I employed a single BEVARA sealing clip. Using scissors I transformed it into a vinyl record stand.

It’s very easy. First, cut the clip at the joint. You’ll need the section with the two long protrusions. Next, trim off the sealing clip portion and round the edges, if you wish.

EKET display and vinyl record stand

Why does it work?

The clip holds the record at a distance from the wall so it stands at a slight angle which keeps it from falling.

EKET display and vinyl record stand

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~ by Sagi

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