SYMFONISK wifi speaker with wireless charger

Instead of putting the shade on it, I added a wireless charger onto the base of the SYMFONISK wifi speaker table lamp.

IKEA item used:
IKEA SYMFONISK wifi speaker with wireless charger


Other materials and tools:

Adding wireless charger to wifi speaker:

Not seen in the photos, but I pulled the switch through the mesh cover and I removed the 4 screws that are seen when you take out the diffuser shade. Once removed it stretches upwards and the speaker (SONOS ONE) is exposed. (I remove 2 screws from the switch and I have the cover clean.)

Four more screws let us remove the part of the lampholder. I cut the wires and cut the lamp part.

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Then, I drill a few holes and filed them enough for the usb c to pass.

I disassemble the wireless charger. Under the rubber feet of the base, there are 4 screws, I leave them half screwed and I hit the table so that the top comes out … perfect

IKEA SYMFONISK wifi speaker with wireless charger

I also remove 4 screws from the printed circuit board to give more mobility to the charger.

On the wires that goes into the bulb, I soldered a mobile wireless charger. (previously disassembled)

With a hot air gun I strip the usb c (it’s the same one that came with the charger.)

With a hot glue gun, I use the charger on the switch and cover to protect the usb c. (Making it smaller and can be folded well) and with electrical tape, I attach the cable well to the housing.

Reassembled the housing of the wireless charger.

IKEA SYMFONISK wifi speaker with wireless charger
IKEA SYMFONISK wifi speaker with wireless charger

I added a drop of hot glue in the area that illuminates the charging LED, so it will look and also hold the charger in place.

I place the rubber part of the pressure loader and it stays that way.


I decided to put a 5w transformer even though the wireless charger supports up to 10w. That’s because IKEA recommends that the bulb be at max 7w.

The hardest part has been cleaning the usb c connector so that it can bend well.

I decided not to remove the switch because I think that maybe at some point the wireless charger may cause some virus on the network and affect the sound or wifi signal. So I want the option to turn it off when I want to.

In case you don’t want to, it’s very easy to sew the hole vertically and cut where the switch goes.

Time needed for mod: 5h

~ by Joan Torrens