2 easy ways to upcycle the IKEA LACK side table

I had two old LACK tables that were left over from a house remodelling.  Both the IKEA LACK tables took a couple of hours to upcycle.

The comics were a free gift from the thrift shop and the Mod Podge cost 8 dollars.  

The tiles and grout were left from a bathroom makeover but had a value of 20 dollars. 

The thing I like most about the hack is the personalization.

The tiles make the LACK look beautiful and different, completely change up the table.

The comics upcycle was great because it can be done as a project with your kiddos. 

IKEA item and materials:
lack side table

Upcycle with tiles

Place the tiles to the table with glue. These small mosaic tiles fit really well with the LACK size.

Add the grouting to the surface and make sure it goes into all the spaces between the tiles. Then wash the grout left on the surface away. 

IKEA LACK upcycle with tiles
IKEA LACK upcycle with tiles

The hardest part about this hack was making the tiles fit perfectly. 

Upcycle the IKEA LACK with comics

Cut the comics and place them on the LACK table with Mod Podge. Add enough to cover the whole surface.

Let it dry and then add another coat of Mod Podge all over. 

Take off the legs and add hairpin legs instead. 

~ by Karoline Dahrling Hughes