Tibia Fracture Leg Rest from old IKEA stool

I needed to build a leg rest due to an injury my son had. Due to this circumstance, I needed to be creative in building a leg support for his injured leg.

And we had an old FROSTA stool around.

fractured tibia DIY leg rest

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IKEA Item used:

Photo: IKEA.com

Other Materials and tools: 
  • 10x Countersunk screw
  • 2 x screw hook
  • 2 x washer
  • 1m lashing strap
  • 20 x eyelets
  • 1 x wood panel 400mmx260mmx27mm
  • Saw
  • Drill press
  • Sanding paper
  • Electric drill

Leg rest instruction:

We used the four legs of the FROSTA stool for this hack. If you have it assembled, unscrew the legs from the seat.

Shorten the legs according to the plan here.

Get a wooden base plate and attach the FROSTA legs to the wood. You will need to make new holes for this.

On the A side of legs, add screw hooks to the top of the legs.

fractured tibia DIY leg rest

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Then, get ready 4 strips of lashing straps at 50 cm each. These are available from the DIY store. Hammer in eyelets at a distance of 2cm.

On one end of the strap, put in a 4×40 screw with washer and screw it into the top of the B side of the legs.

The leg rest is now ready to be used.

Our son has made good use of it and it has taken a lot of pain away from him as it provides a flexible and comfortable support.

How long did it take?

Build time was about 1 hour. And it cost about 100 CHF excluding the FROSTA stool which I already had.

What do you like the most about the hack?

I like the flexibility of the leg rest.

See the full instructions here.

~ by Patrick Tognella

Jules Yap