Here’s how to max out the IKEA pull-out spice cabinet

JoepW finds a way to maximize the 20cm wide MAXIMERA pull-out spice cabinet to store even more spice jars.

As the cabinet has only 2 levels, it leaves a lot of usable space above the short spice jars.

maximera pull out interior fittings

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Furthermore, Joep found the tapered sides that hide the runners pretty clumsy. They do not allow you to put a lot of items next to each other, or it will wedge against the tapered sides and easily tip over.

This is especially true for the nice round glass spices containers he had envisioned to store in it.

And so a hack was needed.

IKEA item used:
Other materials:
#1 Adding an angled shelf for spices

Joep folded an aluminium sheet to roughly follow the contours of the spice containers. One row of containers stands upright on a shelf, the other row lays at an angle.

angled spice shelf

With some corner brackets he screwed the two shelves to the front panel and rear pole just underneath the top drawer. And voilà! Two new rows of spices nicely lined up between the top and bottom drawer.

pull out spice cabinet

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#2 Adding another level of storage

Another addition happened when he found foldable crates that were just the right width as the pull out drawer. With a bit of hot glue and plastic angle pieces, these crates sit nice and snug on top of the drawer to allow for even more storage.

foldable crate

And you can slide them forward and backward to access the spices underneath. Or remove them completely should you not require them anymore.

pull out spice cabinet

With these two addition, Joep’s pull-out spice cabinet is duly maxed out.

See the full instructable.

~ by By JoepW