How to fit KOMPLEMENT drawer around PAX hinge

After my previous wardrobe submission, I had some questions about how the KOMPLEMENT drawer was fitted around the PAX hinge.

I thought I would do an extended explanation.  I had some more drawers to fit so took some more photos.

Page 9 of the KOMPLEMENT drawer manual (pictured below) shows the location to fit a drawer for hinged doors. In IKEA’s assembly instruction, the area by the hinge is excluded. The drawer will slide in above the hinge area, which was not the look I wanted. 

IKEA instructions

You can work around this problem IF you use the non-soft close hinges.  The soft-close hinges are too chunky so you will need to position these further up the wardrobe.

Measure twice, cut once

After some experimentation, I settled on the best dimensions for the section to cut out from the side panel. It should range between 58 and 80mm up from the bottom of the drawer. 

mark the cut area

You need to cut this section out to a depth of 6mm. All of the way from the front to the back of the drawer.  Take too much out and you may weaken the drawer. So, you can always start smaller than required and then make extra cuts if required.

My method has been to make the cut with the drawer ASSEMBLED but this does need the drawer to be held securely with clamps or a vice.  If you don’t feel comfortable with this setup do it in pieces instead so that you can keep it flat on a workbench. 

Cutting the groove

I used a saw track to keep to straight lines. But you could use a piece of timber as a guide for your circular saw if you don’t have a saw track.

track saw

Make sure you set your circular saw up for the correct cutting depth before you begin.  Always cut from front to back so that you keep the best finish on the drawer front.  A messy edge at the back will never be seen anyway.


Start by cutting one line down each side, at the 58mm and 80mm lines marked out. 

Then progressively make further cuts in between. Assuming you have 2mm kerf for your saw blade you should need about 11 cuts to clean the 22mm section out smoothly. 

fitting KOMPLEMENT drawer around PAX hinge
fitting KOMPLEMENT drawer around PAX hinge

Once you have removed most of the material with the saw then switch over to hand tools and sand paper to take off any rough edges.  The edges of the laminate are VERY soft so be careful that you don’t tear them off the surface.

Insert KOMPLEMENT drawer in place

The drawer can now be fitted in place and you should have clearance for the drawer to run backwards and forwards smoothly. 

fitting KOMPLEMENT drawer around PAX hinge

The channel may seem a little high but bear in mind that when the drawer is loaded that the runners will give a little, causing the whole drawer to be about 2mm lower when loaded. Hence, the clearance being what it is.

In this instance I have actually fitted the drawer to a KOMPLEMENT divider frame but the effect is the same as in a full wardrobe.

fitting KOMPLEMENT drawer around PAX hinge

Hope people enjoy the detailed instructions and make sure you all keep all of your fingers away from spinning blades.

~ by Edward