Super large motorized video projector screen for less

Ever since I first saw the remote-controlled, motorized window blinds at IKEA, I immediately had the idea of using them to build a large screen for my video projector.

The screen should be as big as possible. 

Since the IKEA roller blinds are only available in a maximum width of 140 cm, the roller blind has to be widened.

For a premium look I chose parts made of anodized aluminum.

IKEA item used:
KADRILJ Roller blind


Other materials:

All aluminum parts pictured below:

aluminium profiles

1 = IKEA KADRILJ roller blind, motor and bracket | 2 = Aluminum tubes | 3 = Aluminum profiles + end covers

Hacking IKEA roller blinds to fit a large projector screen

I cut the original aluminum profile from the KADRILJ roller blind in half with the saw. We won’t be needing the original aluminum tube and the fabric.

The aluminum profiles, which serve as the new housing, are shortened to the desired total width of the screen (in my case to 3 m). Additional space for the brackets has to be included.

Photo below shows the motor drive with battery compartment.


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To allow the motor to turn the long aluminum tube, I attached a suitable rubber seal with super glue.


I saw a cutout in the profile for access to the battery.


Next, I fixed the motor in the profile.

motor in profile

Aluminum profile with roller blind holder mounted to the ceiling.

housing for large projector screen

I fixed the canvas to the alu-tube with super glue.

large projector screen

The thinner aluminum tube serves as a counterweight and is also attached to the canvas with superglue.

aluminum rod

The new roller blind, completely assembled …

large projector screen assembled

… and mounted in the new housing.

motorized large projector screen ikea hack

And we are done.

Roll down for Movie time!

Here’s how it looks with the screen extended.

large projector screen IKEA motorized roller blind hack
large projector screen IKEA motorized roller blind hack

I made a video to show how it works with the remote control.

The screen fabric used provides excellent image quality and is comparable to a professional screen!

large projector screen IKEA motorized roller blind hack

The screen control can of course also be integrated into an IKEA Trådfri or Philips HUE system and assigned to a control scene.

Material costs for this project: approx. US$ 300.

~ by Cyrill Pfister