Help! How do I hack this bar desk?

I found this bar desk on Pinterest but haven’t been able to find the original instructions. Any ideas how to make this?

Photo: Pinterest via Gizmodo

Thanks for any help.

Amna Khan


Hi Amna

That’s a sleek bar desk.

My suggestion is to use components from the IKEA kitchen range (SEKTION or METOD) and a worktop like MELLTORP or if you prefer a longer desk, like LINNMON.

Here’s how I would hack a bar desk

Place two 12 x 14 3/4 x 40″ SEKTION wall cabinets back to back. One cabinet opens to the left and the other, to the right like your inspiration photo. The MELLTORP desk is a good fit (29 1/2″) with the length of the two SEKTION cabinets (a little under 29 inches) when they are positioned back to back.

All you need to do is to secure the cabinet frames to each other. Then, cover the front with wood grain contact paper or a piece of plywood if you prefer a more realistic finish.

Lastly, attach the worktop to the bottom piece with L brackets or with screws, drilling in from the cabinet up to the worktop. The MELLTORP may be hollow in some parts, so do install them where the screws can anchor in.

For a longer version

Depending on how long your worktop is, adjust the distance between each cabinet to match. The ends of the cabinet should be flush with the edge of the tabletop.

Then get two pieces of plywood cut to the size. Cover the front and back of the cabinets, including the space in between. This will secure the two cabinets to each other and create a single unit.

bar desk

Then attach the worktop to the bottom piece as per instructions above.

If your find the many dowel holes unsightly, cover them with these VARIERA cover plates.

Finally, but very importantly, I would attach the desk / bar to the wall with appropriate fixings to minimise the risk of tipping. Do remember to drill holes for wiring etc. before attaching the unit to the wall.

Happy hacking,


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