This IKEA storage box is perfect as dinosaur cage

We wanted something different for our son’s dinosaur themed room. And as Darren is very creative (he’s not a tradesman at all) he wanted to design and make something for our son that was individual and unique.

It took a lot longer than we expected and hit a few bumps along the way. We never knew that the timber we originally used on the lid would bow. So we had to replace it with MDF.

But in the end, it turned out just as we imagined.

IKEA item used:
ikea hol storage box
Other materials and tools:
  • MDF wood
  • Timber
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Sander/ plane
  • Saw/ jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Red tape
  • Handles
  • Beading
  • No nails glue
  • Wood filler
  • Wood primer
  • Grey paint
  • Metallic paint

Dinosaur storage box instructions:

First, we got some cut-to-size MDF pieces according to the measurements. Then, we added some timber for the basic structure of the cage.

IKEA Hol dinosaur box storage cage

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These were all drilled into place and positioned to line up with the lid and the box itself so it can still be opened.

We filled areas with gaps. Most of them were sanded down to give a smooth finish.

Next, we screwed in handles and added beading on to the smaller 4x4cm squares with No Nails glue.

To finish off the overall look, we painted the dinosaur storage box with primer. Then finished off with a grey with a metallic silver.

IKEA Hol dinosaur box storage cage

Lastly, we stuck on red tape and locks for effect.

The box still works as storage. Here’s a look Inside the “dinosaur cage”, we use it to store books and games. No Velociraptor in here, yet.

IKEA Hol dinosaur box storage cage

As you can see it fits in really well with the dinosaur-themed room for our son.

IKEA Hol dinosaur box storage cage
Prehistoric theme room

The outcome is amazing and we are so pleased with it.

Jurassic world themed room
Jurassic park themed room

~ by Darren and Gemma