Go on a “Renocation”. IKEA + Pinterest show us how.

What’s a Renocation? According to IKEA and Pinterest, it’s a renovation with a vacation in mind, creating a spot for a cosy staycation.

The two brands kicked off the Renocations campaign this week — an online tool that helps IKEA customers find inspiration for their next home renovation.

Statistics from Pinterest show that searches for renovations are reaching all-time highs, up 28% in Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2020 and 65% higher than searches in Q1 2019.

On reaching the Renocations page, customers are asked 3 immersive questions on their ideal vacation, such as, “If you could be anywhere irl… Where would you be?”

ikea renocation, collaboration with Pinterest

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The combinations of answers lead to a custom Pinterest board, tailored to the customer’s interests and tastes. In short, customers get a curated mood board filled with IKEA items, making it easier to embark on a Renocation.

“At a time when many of us are looking to turn our home projects into a reality, IKEA wants to help consumers refresh their space with products and solutions inspired by places outside of the home, like the beach or a favorite bistro,” said Paul Anderson, IKEA U.S. home furnishing and retail design leader.

How did my Renocation go?

I took the Renocations quiz, opting for a beach holiday. After 4 clicks, Pinterest gave me my “Seaside Cafe” board.

ikea renocation board

I must say the board is pretty spot, with pins of themed looks and individual products.

On clicking the pinned image, it took me to an IKEA.com page.

This is where the campaign falters.

Rather than a dedicated page for the themed look with all the products listed, my click landed on a page featuring a cushion. For the rest of the items, I would need to trawl through IKEA’s website.

Understandably, creating dedicated landing pages would be tedious and not the best use of resources for a limited-time campaign, but IMHO, a seamless inspo-to-check-out will make this campaign a lot more meaningful.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun campaign. Especially if you love Pinterest and curating moodboards for your renovation projects. This is a nifty way to fill the board up with inspiring images.

Ready to go on an IKEA Renocation? Take the quiz here.

Jules Yap