Coat rack in winter … bike rack in summer!

A freestanding rack for clothes and a bike, or two.

After searching for a bike rack jack that would be cheap, simple, not make holes in the wall or ceiling, not involve power tools, and cheap… the internet let me down.

Then I saw the RIGGA coat rack sitting in my entrance and noticed the slats at the bottom were the perfect fit for a bike tire.

IKEA item used:
ikea rigga clothes rack


Convert the IKEA RIGGA clothes rack into a freestanding bike rack

Put your bikes upright (vertically) with the back tire in the slots at the bottom of your RIGGA and support the handlebars on the upright pole.

Two bikes fit perfectly, they are standing opposite to each other.

ikea freestanding bike rack

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While it’s not an earthquake proof structure, it’s pretty sturdy.

You can wheel it out to unload and load your bikes and then wheel it back into a corner where it’s out of the way. 

In the fall, when it’s time to get out our thick parkas, the bikes go into storage. This way we get maximum use out of our RIGGA clothes / bike rack all year round!

~ by Roxanne

Brompton bike in an IKEA bag

Did you know the Brompton foldable bike fits perfectly into a DIMPA storage bag?

Bike, fold, bag and carry it!

~ by Dany Lobe

Jules Yap