IKEA + SONOS picture frame speaker unveiled, sells for $199

IKEA and SONOS officially unveiled their new “picture frame” speaker, boosting their current SYMFONISK line up of a table lamp and bookshelf speaker.

SYMFONISK picture frame speaker

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It’s essentially a frame with speakers hidden behind a removable art cover. The new SYMFONISK picture frame with Wi-Fi speaker will be available in Europe and North America starting July 15th. Price is fixed at 199.

removable art cover

However, don’t let its name confuse you. Though called a “picture frame” speaker you can’t customise the art with your own images. Well, not yet anyway, until one of us figures out how to do it.

If you don’t prefer the black or white cover it comes in, you can get additional art designs for $19.99.

I can see your voice

Artist Jennifer Idrizi created several designs, birthed from her exploration of ‘cymatics’, which is the scientific study of sound and vibrations that result in unusual patterns. Covers options will vary by market.

“The space-saving picture frame speaker can hang on its own on the wall as an eye-catching art piece. Be matched with other art on the wall, be placed on a shelf or on the floor or leaning against the wall. The interchangeable fronts make it easy to choose a style that suits your individual home”, says Stjepan Begic, product developer at IKEA of Sweden. “As part of the growing IKEA Home smart range, this new speaker contributes to our ambition to enable the many to enjoy a smarter everyday life,” he adds.

The SYMFONISK picture frame speaker connects over WiFi. It can be used as the only sound source in a room or connected with other products from the SYMFONISK range or other Sonos products.

IKEA and SONOS SYMFONISK picture frame speaker

In keeping with the slim profile, IKEA gave much thought to cable management. Included in the back of the frame is a cavity to store the cord when not in use. You can also rout the power cable out in several directions depending on where the nearest outlet is.

The acoustic design made by Sonos, means the picture frame speaker offers a great sound experience while being compact, taking up a minimum of space and making it ideal for small space living.

SYMFONISK picture frame speaker

Source: IKEA Today and The Verge.

Photos courtesy of IKEA.com.