The best DIY dog raincoats using IKEA bags

Not all dogs need a raincoat, but some breeds without thick undercoats may benefit from having one. A raincoat can protect a dog from the cold of the rain. You can easily get a dog raincoat on sale and save the hassle of making one. But if you’re keen to hack one out of waterproof IKEA bags, especially the 99 cent ones, here are 3 designs to get you started.

#1 Small dog raincoat with reflectors

My sister and I found an easy way to make a dog raincoat from an IKEA shopping bag. It only takes around two hours of work and costs 4 Euro in total.

IKEA items used:
Dog raincoat
Other materials and tools:

Instructions for our DIY dog raincoat

1. Take the measurements of your dog (back length, neck & belly girth).

2. Cut the bag along the seams into two halves.

knalla bag

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3. Cut the handle of one bag and attach an elastic band with a length suited to the dog’s neck size.

Dog raincoat

4. From the second half cut out a rectangular piece as a closure around the belly.

Dog raincoat

5. Sew one of the small ends of this rectangular piece on one side of the bag.

Dog raincoat

6. Sew a Velcro strap on the other end of the rectangular piece.

7. Attach the reflective stripe to the outside of the bag wherever you want.

Dog raincoat
Dog raincoat

For the sewing jobs, you can either use a sewing machine or do it by hand.

How the dog raincoat looks at night
Dog raincoat

See our video on how we made our dog raincoat as well as our dog happily wearing it.

~ by Ilona and Ola

#2 One for the big dog

For larger dogs, the KNALLA shopping bag raincoat may not be big enough, unless you want to sew a few bags together. An easier way is to use the bigger IKEA shopping bag – FRAKTA, like how Francesca did. Just one IKEA FRAKTA bag is roomy enough for her big dog raincoat.

dog raincoat
  1. Unstitch the IKEA FRAKTA bag and cut it into a rectangle and remove the long handles.

2. Cut the blue bag into the length and width suitable for your dog.

3. Then, cut the long handles into and stitch them: A pair around the neck and another around the belly. Tie the straps together to hold the raincoat in place. Alternatively, you can use quick release buckles to snap the raincoat on and off.

4. Done!

~ Francesca, Rome, Italy

Here’s another version, feat. Yogi Le. Sized for a smaller dog.

#3 IKEA HUND Couture

Okay, this is not a real product offered by IKEA. But what a chuckle!

IKEA Australia revealed this line of haute couture looks for dogs made from its iconic FRAKTA bags last April Fools’ Day. Included in the set of 3 is a dog raincoat. Marvellous in an over the top way.

Life can be RUFF as a dog, but not in this HUND COUTURE outfit. “A water resistant raincoat, but make it fabulous” was the mantra behind this masterful design. With ruffles that are runway ready it’s sleek, chic and absolutely WOOF.

hund couture

But wait, don’t discount it yet. The ruffles and tail are optional. You can add as many or as few or none at all.

hund couture ruffles

If you need a good guide for an IKEA FRAKTA dog raincoat, here are the pdf instructions.

Watch the entire range.

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Originally posted on November 19, 2018. Updated with new content.