This See Through Room Divider provides subtle separation

See Through Room Divider that doesn’t block the view.

In our 1960s house, the Dining Area and Lounge are one open space that seemed to beg for some separation. I wanted to keep the Lounge’s cozy feeling for reading or watching TV, but not hide the Dining Room from view.

I searched for room screens at local furniture stores and on the internet, and found a few options. The ones in the style I liked were serious furniture: their scale was too massive, they took center-stage and cost a fortune.

I was going for subtle separation, not another piece of furniture added to the mix.

I found the IKEA RISÖR, and liked its simple geometric pattern; the size was right for the space.

IKEA items used:
ikea risor


Other materials and tools:
  • Wood lattice molding, 1/2″ x 3/4″, if you want your screen to have extra ‘panes’
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Water based latex paint, grey (satin finish)

When I got it set up in the room, the screen’s frosted panels made it seem like ‘The-Doctor-will-see-you-now’; so I decided to remove the polypropylene panels. (I did this by supporting the frame, wrapping a t-shirt around my fist, and punching the center of each panel; there may be safer ways of doing this, but it worked for me). With the panels removed, it was wonderfully see-through.

see through room divider screen

I thought it needed more screening pattern, so I cut sticks of wood lattice molding into six additional mullions, which I glued in each ‘window’ at the middle height of the screen; this gave me the effect I wanted. The black finish was too strong for my existing decor, so I de-glossed it by sanding, and painted it a medium grey.

see through room divider screen

We are pleased with the results, and think the see through room divider gives the room a unique character. Visitors notice it and say they love it.

~ by Joe

Jules Yap