DIY Live Edge Dining Table even a Beginner can Make

diy live edge dining table ikea hack

Live edge tables are beautiful but pricey. Here’s how to DIY one.

We wanted a bit of a unique look in our house so decided to go for some natural timber.

The timber is best sourced locally and can be pricey. It is much cheaper to buy a wood slab and sand it and treat it yourself than buying a readymade live edge furniture or cabinet.

Our choice was Black Wattle, a type of acacia wood.

Required materials:

IKEA VÄSTANÅ underframe (Or any other separately sold sturdy underframe like the TROTTEN)
A treated solid timber slab
A box of black 70mm timber screws

Photo: VÄSTANÅ underframe |

Easy way to build a live edge dining table

Step one is to assemble the underframe and center it on the underside of the slab.

centering the IKEA table underframe on the underside of the live edge wood slab

Step 3 is to mark the locations for the screws on the underside of the wood slab. Using a drill bit that fit the size of the predrilled screw holes on the underframe, I drilled holes for the screws on the wood. Be careful not to overdrill through to the surface of the table.

Securing the underframe to the timber slab

Use a bit of masking tape to mark the depth level to drill.

The last step is to screw the underframe to the wood slab.

And you’re done.

DIY live edge dining table with IKEA VASTANA underframe legs complete

This table is a feature piece and looks AMAZING in our dining room!

How much does a DIY live edge table cost?

The breakdown of cost as follows:

IKEA VÄSTANÅ underframe: $150
Black Wattle Table Slab (including cutting to size, treatment and epoxy work) $1700
Screws $10

All in about $1860.

I hope this inspires some other people to upgrade IKEA furniture with beautiful natural timber.

~ by Regina Meyer @reginapetrameyer on Instagram.

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