Easy hack for an IKEA PAX hallway closet

hallway closet ikea hack

I wanted a closet and shoe storage in the hallway, all neatly arranged and stored behind doors and put all my shoes and outdoor jackets and coats in one place.

We considered buying two 100 cm PAX wardrobes, but since the width of the wall is more than 200 cm, useless space of about 12 cm would remain and we did not want that.

We checked the dimensions of IKEA frames and doors and found that we only needed to add a few slats on both sides to hang the doors and we would get almost a built-in entry closet.

IKEA items used:

1x PAX Wardrobe frame, white 100x35x201 cm
2x BERGSBO Door, white 50×195 cm
2x BERGSBO Door, white/frosted glass 50×195 cm
16x KOMPLEMENT soft closing hinges
9x KOMPLEMENT shoe shelf, dark grey 100×35 cm
1x KOMPLEMENT shelf, white 100×35 cm
4x KOMPLEMENT clothes rail
4x KALLROR door handle

Other materials:

Four 6x2x235cm wooden slats painted white
Two 3x2x235 cm wooden slats painted white     

So here’s how we installed our hallway closet:

First we assembled and placed the 100cm PAX wardrobe frame in the middle of the wall. We kept the back about 22 cm away from the wall, which gives the necessary depth to put hangers on both sides of the frame.

For stability, we attached the wardrobe frame to the back wall with wooden shelf brackets. See photo below.

back of closet

Then, we installed holders for the hanging rods on each side of the cabinet and on the walls.

Next, we fastened 6 cm slats with screws to the wall on both sides where the doors would hang. In doing so, we filled the extra gap on each side.

In the two other 6 cm slats we first made holes for the hinges and then they were screwed perpendicular to the slats fastened to the wall.

Hallway closet with shoe rack storage
Shoe racks for all footwear
Hallway closet with two doors closed and two side doors open
Coat closet on both sides
Hallway closet hack with IKEA PAX

Then we made holes for the hinges for the doors. A 3×2 slat was attached on the outside of the wardrobe frame to hold the door when closed.

We put the door handles on the doors and voilà – the new built-in closet is finished.

Hope our hallway closet hack gives you some inspiration for your entryway.

~ by Tatjana

IKEA SILVERAN entryway storage for narrow foyer

With four kids and a tiny coat closet, we needed a good solution for coats, boots, shoes, etc.

Unfortunately the space behind our front door was too shallow (10 inches) for any of the other IKEA hack locker ideas I had seen, but when I saw the SILVERAN cabinets were only 9 7/8 inches deep I figured they would be perfect.

narrow entry closet with wooden doors


IKEA SILVERAN high cabinet with mirror door (3)
IKEA CAPITA legs (4-pack)
4 coat hooks (we bought them at another store)
Baskets (ours are from the Container Store)
2 cabinet knobs (to replace included plastic ones, if desired)

This is how we did it:

1. Drill new holes for the fixed shelves at desired heights so there will be a big empty space for coats & backpacks to hang (our fixed shelves are at 12 inches from the bottom of the cabinet and 14 inches from the top).

2. Drill new holes for the adjustable shelves at desired heights. (Ours are 6 inches from the bottom of the cabinet and 7 inches above the higher fixed shelf [for the big kids] and 9 inches below the higher fixed shelf [for the little kids]). I recommend buying baskets before deciding where you want the shelves.

3. Assemble the cabinet according to the instructions but install doors with mirrors facing the inside. We did not use the door for the middle cabinet because the doorknob would have hit it every time the door opened.

narrow entry closet with IKEA SILVERAN

4. Attach cabinets to the wall according to the instructions at the correct height to attach the legs.

5. Attach the legs, one on each side of the entire unit and the other two half on one cabinet and half on the other.

6. Install adjustable shelving.

7. Screw in coat hooks at desired heights.

We have two children sharing each cabinet (and the one in the middle for parents’ shoes, bags, keys, etc).

Storage space is designated. Each child has a basket for mittens and hats, a coat hook, and a cubby underneath for their shoes. We’ve had this unit for some time now and we love it!

~ by Erin Olson