This IKEA Christmas decor is fun, cute and yummy

It’s the Christmas decor that gives most bang for your buck. It’s an activity for you (and your kids), it’s so very Instagrammable and it tastes good. The IKEA Gingerbread House, of course. Read on for more decorating ideas on transforming the IKEA Gingerbread house into your very own.

The IKEA VINTERSAGA Gingerbread house is a staple of IKEA Christmas. The limited edition item comes in two versions. One lets you build a large single house ($4.49) and the other is a pack of 6 mini gingerbread houses ($4.99.) The mini houses seem a lot of fun as it lets you build your own gingerbread town.

IKEA VINTERSAGA mini gingerbread house
VINTERSAGA mini gingerbread houses |

Easy to assemble IKEA gingerbread house

decorating ideas for IKEA VINTERSAGA mini gingerbread house

Reviewers comment that the houses are “pretty easy to do”, which may be a lot easier to assemble than many other IKEA furniture.

One reviewer says, “For many years now this is my go to for gingerbread houses. They smell great and are easy to fit together. There large size gives plenty of decorating space.”

Besides the size, the mini houses has a hole that allows them to be hung up on a string.

Fun festive activity for kids

assembling the IKEA mini gingerbread house

A senior ranked the IKEA VINTERSAGA gingerbread house highly — “great for the grand kids”.

Another said “Nice one to play with family on holidays.”

And it tastes smooth and flavorful.

Cost effective gingerbread house

And like most things IKEA, you can’t beat the price.

“We usually do our ‘gingerbread’ houses as minis in our family of six, but we use Graham crackers because they are cheaper. BUT, this was less than $5 and has six homes in it! Perfect and fun! Can’t wait to use with my kids.”

But with the price it’s stripped down to the basics. The pack contains just a frame for the gingerbread house(s). You’ll need to make the icing aka “glue” to hold the pieces together. Then, it’s up to you to add decorations to create a Insta-worthy gingerbread house.

How to make gingerbread house icing

According to IKEA instructions you’ll need:


9 ounces icing sugar
1 egg white
1 teaspoon lemon juice/ vinegar


  1. In a bowl, combine the icing sugar and 1 egg white.
  2. Stir the two ingredients together and then mix in the lemon juice.
  3. Combine until you get a smooth, thick white paste.
  4. Scoop the icing into a pastry bag (which you can make out of parchment paper) and start assembling the gingerbread house.

How to assemble the IKEA gingerbread house

Assemble the gingerbread house 3 to 4 hours ahead of decorating to allow time to dry and icing to harden. However, if you’re going for intricate piping work, decorate the individual pieces before joining them together. That will be a lot easier to work with.

To complete your gingerbread house, get ready your decorations before assembly. Some suggested treats are lollies and candies, gum drops. Gingerbread decorating candy sets are also available to make things a little more convenient. Use candy decorating pens to add details like windows and doors.

Watch the video below for a quick how-to on gingerbread house construction.

Gingerbread house decorating ideas

And now for some design inspiration, I’ve rounded up 12 beautiful IKEA gingerbread houses that look too good to eat. Designs range from classic Scandinavian to modern colorful designs for the large house and mini houses. Whether you’re building your first gingerbread house or are an expert in this field, these tasty ideas will surely help you make a masterpiece this Christmas.

With intricate piped icing decorations

With winterscapes

Making it simple

Decorate with candies

Go plain with single color candies or go wild and let the colors pop.

Set your house on a cake

If the bread isn’t enough, place it on a cake. And eat it too.

Fully iced

Jules Yap