DIY door stopper you can easily make from this one IKEA item

diy door stopper, homemade door stopper
Photo Credit: Diego Pintos

I needed some nice door stoppers for my new home. The ones I found online were either too ugly or too expensive. So, I decided to improvise a nice doorstop with the IKEA HAJMAL snack bag.

Material used:

  • HAJMAL lunch bag: price around 2-3€
  • Small river stones from a park
  • Some cord
  • A small garbage bag

How to make a DIY door stopper:

IKEA HAJMAL snack bags
Photo Credit: Diego Pintos

1. I bought 3 for 2€ each. Its size is perfect for the purpose. (The HAJMAL is not available in some countries. An alternative to this weighted doorstop project is the IKEA NEREBY bag. The NEREBY is also a good choice; you’ll not need to add a rope. But it is more expensive compared to the HAJMAL.)

2. Then, I cut out the IKEA label from the bag. At the same time, I cut a piece of cord around 60cm long. The rope should be long enough to go around the bottom of the bag and extend out of the bag as a handle.

rope for handle
Photo Credit: Diego Pintos

3. I tied the ends of the rope and introduced it to the HAJMAL bag, ensuring the knot was at the bottom and the cord covered the bag’s contour. You can use hot glue to fix the rope or use thread to hand sew the rope to the bag. But that’s not necessary, as the weight of the stones will keep it in place.

fill trash bag with small stones for weighted door stopper.
Photo Credit: Diego Pintos

4. Then, I put a small but strong garbage bag inside the IKEA bag, around 10L volume. This is useful and practical for the next step.

weighted DIY door stopper 3 kg
Photo Credit: Diego Pintos

5. I filled the bag with some small river stones I picked up from a nearby park. Total weight should be up to 3kg. Anything lighter may not be heavy enough to keep the door ajar. The trash bag keeps the HAJMAL bag clean. The rocks are easily removable when I need to wash the bag. You can also use playsand if you want to DIY a sandbag door stopper.

DIY door stopper with IKEA bag
Photo Credit: Diego Pintos

6. I closed the bag, tied the strap that comes with it, et voilà! A DIY door stopper that looks great and works fantastic. It doesn’t scratch up the wood floors, and the handle makes it easy to move. For 3€ it’s the best door stopper I could ask for.

~ by Diego Pintos

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