ikea fado lookalike at half the price

this is another budget saving hack from greg of ecoroofs everywhere. “i wanted a plastic globe instead of the glass version from ikea so i could hang it pretty low over my bed and not worry about it shattering when someone hits it or in an earthquake or whatever. it’s also lots cheaper than the ikea fado.”

you’ll need:

  1. an ikea hemma cord set
  2. a 10″ white acrylic replacement globe. (i ordered it online from azpartsmaster for $13.00 plus shipping.)

and here’s how:

  1. drill the top “belly button” from the center of the lamp; that’s the little nubbin from the mold — I think they all have this. it’s opposite the 3 1/2″ hole where the “fitter” usually holds the globe on the lamp.
  2. tap the nubbin with an awl or nail if you have one handy, just to keep the drill from wandering away from the center.
  3. unwire the hemma cordset, and thread it through the hole.
  4. hook up the electric wires exactly the way it came apart (pay close attention because it’s really important to do it correctly so it’s safe!). remember black wire to copper colored connector (on mine at least).
  5. and you’re done.

i’d only attempt this if you’re really good with electric stuff. if you aren’t sure right away how to take it apart, then you should have an electrician friend do it for you. this is a super easy hack if you’re handy with electrical stuff.”

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