timtom’s trio: #2 movable dvd player storage

the second in timtom‘s series – a movable feast for the eyes.

“i had to place my projector and dvd player on a movable support, since our living room is a bit too wide and the projected image was larger than my screen. so we have to move the projector forward a bit before enjoying a movie. I chose the bekvam kitchen cart for this. I just added an extra shelf so that the projector is at an optimal height, plus it makes just enough room for the dvd player on the middle shelf, which makes it quite a neat fit.

i still have room on the bottom shelf to store some stuff. power cord and stereo connections to my hi-fi system run from the cart to the wall (with some reserve in length), into a cable canal so they become invisible. curtains made from fabric we brought back from india complete the setup by hiding (and protecting) the electronic equipment when not used.”

smart move, i say.

the trio
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