Starry LAIVA TV Stand

Materials: LAIVA TV Stand, Spray paint in 100% Cyan and 100% Yellow, Newsprint paper, Martha Stewart hole puncher, Painter’s tape, Drop cloth

Description: 1. Place LAIVA TV stand over the drop cloth and spray paint the entire item with the 100% Cyan.

2. Let dry.
3. Tape together two pieces of newsprint paper so that it covers the entire top surface of the TV stand.
4. Use Martha Stewart’s hole puncher to create a stencil or starts. Make sure the hole-punched area is large enough to cover the top surface of the TV stand.
5. Place the newsprint stencil over the top surface of the TV stand.
6. Spray paint over the stencil with the 100% Yellow.
7. Remove stencil and let dry.

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~ Melissa F, Brooklyn

Jules Yap