timtom’s trio: #3 romantic palanquin bed from tupplur blinds

the third in timtom‘s series – a beautiful peekaboo bed.

“we also have a ‘palanquin’ bed. it’s the fairy-tale kinda bed, with curtains, but I always found curtains were a bit too … well fairy-tale-ey. so we replaced the curtains with two ikea ‘blinds strips’ (also tupplur, these are long pieces of fabric of about 60cm wide and 2m long you are supposed to use for these übercool sliding blinds), which I weighted on each end with some metallic bar. the electric lanterns add to the romantic touch.

not some very mind-twisting hacks, but I’m quite happy with them. life without ikea would be only half the fun.”

nice. tupplur blinds, we think, are no longer in production. but enje blinds would work just as well for this hack.

the trio
> #1: tupplur home cinema screen
> #2: movable dvd player storage

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