Hackers help: Linnmon as BRIMNES bed headboard?

BRIMNES bed headboard

Hi there!

I really like the BRIMNES bed frame but I also do miss that there’s no headboard.

So, I was wondering what to do with the lack of it.

You can find LINNMON table top with the same dimensions as the BRIMNES bed frame. (LINNMON is actually 4 centimeters longer but that’s fine with me)

Linnmon as BRIMNES bed headboard

Has anyone tried to put these two together and make LINNMON stand as a BRIMNES bed headboard?

It could be really easy to do so but I’m not sure if you could drill a hole through BRIMNES that would actually hold LINNMON without falling.

I have a MALM desk that’s honeycomb structured and you CAN’T drill through that at all!

My BRIMNES bed will not be anywhere near the wall and I can’t just screw the headboard into the wall, it needs to be secured to the bed frame.

Maybe I could even use LINNMON connecting hardware for this as well.

LINNMON connecting hardware LINNMON connecting hardware

~ Ivan


Hi Ivan
Good news is it’s possible. And done before. Here’s how fludubu did it.

DIY bed headboard

Fludubu used a cover panel as the headboard, but I’m quite sure you can apply the same to the LINNMON. However, unlike a cover panel the LINNMON is not full particleboard and does contain paper filling (honeycomb structure). Just knock on the table surface to locate sections where there is actual wood to secure your brackets. It’s usually along the sides and corners. 

The LINNMON attachment is meant for joining two horizontal planes and would not have enough bite to hold a vertical plane.  

Or you can use the BRIMNES headboard.

DIY bed headboard

And add legs to it. Like this. You can cover up the open back with plywood or fabric if you find it unsightly.

DIY bed headboard

As you mentioned that the bed would not be against a wall, if I were you, I would make additional shelves for the open back. And add a piece of wood at the bottom to create more storage. Use iron-on edge banding tape to cover up the exposed edges.

DIY bed headboard

You’ll still need to secure it to the BRIMNES bed to prevent it from falling over.  A few screws through the BRIMNES headboard’s legs to the bed and straight brackets on both sides should do the trick.

Good luck!

Happy hacking,


Product photos: IKEA.com