How to attach a headboard to BRIMNES bed?

how to attach headboard to BRIMNES bed

I really like the BRIMNES bed frame but I also do miss that there’s no headboard.

So, I was wondering what to do with the lack of it.

You can find LINNMON table top with the same dimensions as the BRIMNES bed frame. (LINNMON is actually 4 centimeters longer but that’s fine with me)

Has anyone tried to put these two together and make LINNMON stand as a BRIMNES bed headboard?

It could be really easy to do so but I’m not sure if you could drill a hole through BRIMNES that would actually hold LINNMON without falling.

I have a MALM desk that’s honeycomb structured and you CAN’T drill through that at all!

My BRIMNES bed will not be anywhere near the wall and I can’t just screw the headboard into the wall, it needs to be secured to the bed frame.

Maybe I could even use LINNMON connecting hardware for this as well.

~ Ivan

Two ways to add a headboard to the BRIMNES bed

It is possible to attach a headboard to the BRIMNES bed. There are two ways you can make it happen. The first method is to attach a wood panel as a headboard and the second is to modify the IKEA BRIMNES headboard itself to work without screwing it to the wall. Here’s how.

1. Attach a wood panel to the bed

attach headboard to BRIMNES bed

Step 1: Get an IKEA cover panel (or wood plank)

You can use a kitchen cover panel as the headboard. Any solid wood panel will work as well. Cut the panel to the size you require. It should not be much longer than the bed frame or very tall, especially if the headboard is not placed against a wall. Cover any exposed edges with edge banding.

Step 2: Align headboard with bed frame

Place the panel to the bed frame, aligning the edge of the panel to the bed frame. Mark where the brackets should go on the bed frame and wood panel.

Step 3: Screw on long metal braces

On the marked spots, drill pilot holes into the bed frame and wood panel. Secure the panel to the bed frame with metal braces and screws. A wood plank may also help to support the panel. And you’re done! A word of caution, the headboard attached with brackets will not be strong. It’s decorative, not something you can lean against.

DIY headboard for BRIMNES bed

2. Attach headboard to BRIMNES bed but make it freestanding

IKEA BRIMNES storage headboard
BRIMNES headboard |

Step 1: Add legs to the BRIMNES headboard

add legs to the underside

IKEA meant the BRIMNES headboard to be secured to the wall. But that isn’t necessarily the only way to use this very functional IKEA storage headboard. You can add legs to it and make it a freestanding BRIMNES headboard. Cover up the open back with plywood or fabric if you find it unsightly.

Step 2: Add storage shelves to the back of the headboard

close up the gaps for more storage

As you mentioned that the bed would not be against a wall, if I were you, I would add a piece of wood along the bottom to close up the gaps. Then cut additional laminate shelves for the open back to really turn the back into a full-fledged storage headboard. Use iron-on edge banding tape to cover up the exposed edges.

Lastly, don’t forget to secure your new standalone headboard to the BRIMNES bed to prevent it from falling over. A few screws through the BRIMNES headboard’s legs to the bed and brackets on both sides should do the trick.

As for the LINNMON, the LINNMON contains paper filling (honeycomb structure) with every little solid areas to secure the brackets. The LINNMON is better as a wall mounted headboard. And the LINNMON attachment is meant for joining two horizontal planes and would not have enough bite to hold a vertical plane.

Good luck!
Happy hacking,

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