emily’s gorgeous shoe storage

this one’s from emily – classy shoe storage hacked from kitchen cabinets. behind its good looks, you can hide a whopping 20 pairs of shoes (yes, emily, i counted!) on the side, i also love the wall decor. just perfect for the space.

emily says: “i hung a 36″x30” kitchen cabinet on the wall, added the new rubrik glass doors in white, and bought two packs of shelves. so simple! i’m going to add a perfekt abstrakt white cover panel as a ‘counter top’, so that the screws on top of the cabinet don’t show, but i haven’t quite gotten around to that yet.”

from what i can see, it’s already looking pretty good.

note: can’t seem to locate ‘rubrik’ or ‘abstrakt’ on the ikea site. the above link leads to an abstrakt look-a-like, the applad.

Updated! February 25, 2009
Abby’s Akurum shoe rack
She says, “We went with a 30″ and a 39” Akurum (21″ wide to fit in the space). We also got extra shelves to maximize the shoe-age! This was our first real hack, and I’m just glad they ended up level and flush!”

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another shoe hack:
magiker magic

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