work highs and lows – this height-adjustable jerker takes them on

the ikea jerker is one popular work desk, if not the most popular. hey, it even has a shrine dedicated to revealing its all-consuming glory.

the original jerker.
photo courtesy of IKEA

but, favourite desk or not, it still may not meet your needs. to the tee. for instance, hans from sweden wanted a height adjustable jerker. now, that’s an idea for ikea.

hans writes: “i’ve always wanted my ikea jerker computer desk to be height-adjustable. to make it easy for me to work standing or sitting down in front of my computer.

i bought a cheap adjustable desk from my office and lopped my ikea jerker legs off with a hacksaw. i then placed the jerker desk on top of the adjustable desk’s legs (after i detached them from the desk). after that i took some wood screws and secured the jerker desk into the steel construction of the adjustable desk i bought.”

jerker at low and high levels

best thing, it goes up and down at the push of a button. no manual cranking. is that cool or what? if you noticed, hans also attached 2 non spotlights under the top shelf to light up the desk for night time computing.

more than the desk, i was intriqued as to what he did with the “leftover” legs of the jerker table. then he let me in on his handy side table.

jerker with new adjustable legs
and side table from old jerker legs

“i took the ‘leftovers’ of the jerker legs, a piece of wood and some spike band and made a crossbar behind it. i re-used the side tables that should be on jerker and just put ’em at the sides of the legs. didn’t do any calculation of the weight of the printers or any fancy math. i just took a chance. and it worked.”

brilliant, hans!

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