Hanging Desk Organization

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Hanging Desk Organization

Materials: Bygel Rails, Wire Basket, Grundtal Caddies, Grundtal & Bygel S-hooks, Ledberg Light Strip, Ivar Shelving, Goliat Computer Desk

Description: The Goliat desk fits neatly inside the space of the wider Ivar Shelves. I was using the space behind my monitor to store office supplies and whatnot, but it was cluttered, and I was always moving things to get to other things.

So I went to IKEA to pick up some organization.
I found that by using the Bygel rails, baskets and Grundtal caddies, I could get a lot of stuff both easily accessible and up off the shelf.

Hanging Desk Organization
Hanging Desk Organization
Hanging Desk Organization
Hanging Desk Organization

1 – Install Rails.
Obviously, the shelf has to come off. I used two of the 21″ Bygel rails in a staggered formation with #10 3/4″ wood screws and a little really strong glue. The long rail was too long, and the short ones did not provide enough space and would have to be staggered anyways.

2 – Install the brackets for the Ledberg light strip.
Always measure first. I have wanted to have backlighting for my monitor for a while, and it also provides light on the supplies.

3 – Reinstall shelf, populate with organized goodness.
These hanging baskets and hooks are awesome. I can get to everything without moving things, I can see what I have and what I’m out of. Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

~ Eric Heald-Webb, USA

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