long stemmed utensils finally get their place in the kitchen

christina tipped me on this hack from notmartha. the very crafty megan turned an offending wall into an ultra useful and totally lovely utensil wall. if i ever do spend enough time in the kitchen, i’d love to have some thing like this too.

the middle row features grundtal bars and solid non-ikea canisters

she writes: “the one thing i knew i wanted for sure was a way to store utensils – spatulas, spoons and kitchen scissors – right there for me to grab. … i considered using the grundtal cutlery caddies from ikea for this, but they are just too shallow to hold long-handled utensils, they would have just tipped and fallen out.”

finally, she opted for solid stainless canisters from storables and found a way to attach them to the bars with wire cables and ferrules. neat.

click here to see it in flickr with notes

go here for notmartha’s fail-proof step-by-step instructions on how to measure and attach the cables with just the right touch of tension to keep them in place and slack to let them slide across the bar.