alison’s starry decoupage dining table

alison’s starry hand-me-down ikea table (which we both can no longer find on the ikea site, nor remember its name) caught my eye because i thought it was such an interesting hack. she used decoupage, a craft technique that involves glueing pictures onto an object and covering it with a few layers of glue or decoupage medium.

she makes it sounds so simple. take the table apart and sand down. cover with gesso and then paint. glue paper shapes to the painted surfaces with mod podge and lastly, layer on the polyurethane.

nice work, alison.

the best thing about this craft technique is that you can use any shape, design or even art to make your own one-of-a-kind furniture. alison drafted very helpful and detailed instructions on how to decoupage. click here to view them and more pictures of the table.