Vintage Barbie on a box

I’m one of those little girls who never had a Barbie doll in her life. Not that I wanted one anyways. Back then, I hated everything pink and frilly. I’d rather play with tanks, soldiers, cars and my favorite Japanese superhero, Ultraman, with his deadly specium ray … but I digress.

Back to Barbie, this is for you Barbie lovers.

IKEA Mini chest with vintage Barbie decoupage

“I bought one of those FIRA storage boxes from IKEA and decided to decorate it and as my room has no specific style I thought, “When in doubt use Barbie,” Gemjams posted on Craftster.

The FIRA chest is discontinued but IKEA has a similar mini chest called the MOPPE, which you can use for this DIY project.

“All I did was paint it all. Then I got the pictures I wanted (they came from a vintage Barbie book), stuck them down then covered it with varnish. You can use PVA glue. However, it is harder to clean as it goes all sticky. For the front picture I took out the drawers then i just placed the picture on top and cut where the drawers ended. Simple as that.”

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