mini chests with ribbon weave

hustlerose posted this ikea fira mini chests with a unique ribbon weave on craftster. not my style but i like it that it takes a completely different route from other fira hacks i’ve seen so far. what a creative twist.

“so like a couple years ago i bought the standard wooden boxes from ikea … and thought it would be more fun to weave ribbons on the front and here is the result:”

“basically, i glued strips of the colored ribbon on one edge of the box and the white ribbon along the bottom of the box. the colored ribbon was wider so i put the strips right next to each other but the white ribbon was thinner so i spaced them out. then i wove them together and glued them down on the other sides of the box (all the colored ones first, then the white ones and then i went back and re-glued any of the ribbons that came loose or needed to be adjusted). then i glued the black ribbon all the way around, cut of any ribbon that went past the black ribbon and glued black ribbon to the front of it because i didn’t really like how the plain wood was showing on the front.” link. [thanks, zieak!]

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Jules Yap