i’m back

hello and happy 2007. hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends welcoming the new year.







just a quick note to say that i’m back. the break was great and i had an amazing time in bali. despite the hardship they’ve gone through, the balinese are a gracious, fun and artistic people. intricate patterns are on almost everything. what was very encouraging to see was new designers taking balinese art and motifs to the next level by giving them a contemporary twist. i’m excited to see stuff that will come out of this region in say, two to three years.

anyways, things are in topsy-turvy at the moment at work. loads of email to sort out and work to catch up on. which i am slowly but surely ploughing through.

i’ve received some great hacks over the holidays. thanks, everyone who sent in a hack. i’ve not had the chance to reply your mails but i’ll get on to them soon. as soon as i come up for a breather.

hope to start posting new hacks tomorrow.

Jules Yap