jerker desk cable management hack

one of the questions i get quite a lot is on cable management. hiding those ugly wires is always a challenge. while you may not be able to get rid of them all, mike seymour’s cable management hack for his jerker v1 desk does at least lift most of them off the floor.


what you’ll need for the hack:

  • 12 outlet 4′ Noma metal power strip (Canadian Tire # 52-7269-6)
  • duct tape
  • drill
  • 13/64″ drill bit

“my problem was managing all the data and power cables snaking around my jerker v1 desk. i have no idea where it all came from! the hollow lower brace for the posts was great for containing cables and power cords, but there was also no good place for a regular power bar.


the outlets of the power bar are oriented 90 degrees to the strip making power cord routing much easier. it was too long to fasten to the desk by the end brackets. the back plate was removed and two holes were drilled in it, corresponding to the screws holding the metal cross-member to the bottom shelf of the desk. the plate was affixed to the desk using these screws. the remaining part of the power bar was screwed on the back plate and the power cable threaded through the opening of the brace to the floor.


before each cable was inserted into the brace, it was folded over into a 10-15 cm bundle and zip-tied. for tidiness, the bundle should hang below the top edge of the brace. a gap along the bottom of the brace was covered by a strip of black duct tape while leaving the ends open.

all power cords and cables have been contained in the brace, and the only things that remain on the floor are the power bar cord and possibly network cable!”

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