enlarge your art

update! so i live and learn (and the past few days have been a crash course on copyright issues). and this hack lives again. please only use public domain artwork or seek the artist’s permission when applying this hack.


i totally dig this hack from randall kramer, who previously gave us the expedit grande (and now has an entry in the genius ikea hack contest). this may finally end my hunt for artwork for my apartment walls.

“i always like the karl blossfeld images … a great book of his is ONLY $220.00. so, in the spirit of… ‘i know another way to get his work’ … i took an image from a reproduction on a set of art cards from ikea, went to a digital imaging house in chicago, had a ‘high end’ scan done, then, had them photoshop in a bit of a sepia, ‘old-ified’ quality to the image, and had it printed on a super-duper high end printer for about $25.00 for the 3 images. took ’em to get matted – had a cabinet maker make the frames, took em back to a frameshop for archival framing – and the rest, as they say is history.

IKEA hacked notecards

lot of work, you say… yes, but if you compare the cost of purchasing one of his prints (always too small for my liking, too!) and the way i was able to get what I wanted … the end result is priceless!”