Duarte’s Lighted Travel Map

Materials: PREMIÄR and Ikea red Christmas lights

Description: Bored one evening before Christmas when my husband was working night shift…I was looking at out PREMIÄR map and thinking how it could sticks pins through all the places my husband & I have travelled. Next to the map was the Christmas tree covered in two stands of little LED IKEA Christmas lights…OOOOH now there’s a cool idea!

Down came the map, took the lights off the Christmas tree, poked holes in places we have been with a kitchen knife, popped the light through the back… secured with electrical tape… badda boom badda bing DONE! Took well under an hour. Be sure to cover lights that you are not using with electrical tape, otherwise they will shine through.

Easy-peasy hack and a real stunning feature in the home!

~ Melissa Duarte, Nelson, Canada

Jules Yap