having fun with children’s table and chairs

i guess one of the reasons ikea carry so many unfinished wood products is to give us room to create. here’s what lisa did with the latt children’s table and chairs.

“i’ve very recently opened a home daycare, and had purchased the $19.99 latt kid’s table and chairs. they got scratched up and fingerprinted and jam’ed and such pretty quickly due to the unfinished wood. so, i got artistic with them.


first, i spray painted everything blue. then i sponge painted on a bit of purple. then the golden castles and the freehand artwork. i then put on a few coats of polyacrylic, but i wasn’t very happy with the protection level on the recessed pieces as the original surface i painted on was that slick white pressboard and i worried it would scratch. i bought some acrylic epoxy and finished it up.


these photos don’t capture the depth of the different colors so well, but the general idea comes through.”