as-is ikea storage hacks

a sneak peek behind the big blue and yellow box. here are some photos pete from ikea homebush day, sydney, australia, was kind enough to share with us.

“being in the recovery/as-is department, you might say we do a fair bit of the old ‘hack’ (in more ways then one) on a daily basis, and thought i might share with you some of our customers favourites:

bookcasethe 5×2 expedit bookcase in black and white
(simply substitute 185cm sides and add some more shelves)

billy bookshelvesthe black and white billy bookshelves (202×80 and 101×40)

the black and white 185×185 expedit bookcase

lack tablei’ve also attached a double 55×55 lack table one of our workers made for use at home

thanks for sharing them, pete!

Jules Yap