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a siljan shoe rack for narrow places
almut has a very narrow hall and was looking for storage to fit shoes, scrafs, gloves, umbrellas, sunglasses etc.
IMG_0254 IMG_0258

what he she did was, “take three siljan bathroom mirror cabinets and hung them on the wall. they are only 16 cm deep (6 1/4″)! i put shoes in the lowest one and the other items in the remaining siljans. i even exchanged the blue sliding doors with placemats, because i didn’t like the blue ones.”

a floating shoe rack
wendy from vancouver, bc, fell in love with this slot-style shoe rack from design within reach and made her own version with a few ikea items.

“it was small enough to fit in behind my door without preventing it from swinging open, however at $110, it wasn’t so within reach. so, i took a trip to ikea to find the raw materials that could help me build something similar.
Empty2 Installed3

basically i hung the klang wall shelf (with drywall anchors – i have heavy shoes), and then mounted both strecket cabinet handles about 6 cm (2 1/2″) above it (using drywall anchors again).