lilybee’s bug side table

update! see ben’s version of lilybee’s side table hack below. do you have a version too? send it in and share in the bug love.

i love lilybee’s bug side table inspired by a vivavi credenza she spotted in domino magazine. using wood effect contact paper and a steady hand, she traced butterflies and stuck them on a lack side table. love love love the ant making its way up the leg.

STP60510_large ant_table_large


see more of lilybee’s bug side table.
[via curbly. thanks, anja.]
post originally posted on 14 May 07.

ben’s version of the bug side table!

“for this hack i have unashamedly copied the most excellent idea from lilybee who deserves the credit for such an awesome idea. i drew the caterpillar, lady bug and bee using photoshop, then printed them directly onto the back of black contact paper (if anyone else is thinking of doing this, make sure you increase the page thickness setting on your printer otherwise you will end up with a big smudge of ink and jammed paper) and cut them out. i used a hole-punch to create the circles on the lady bug and the bees trail, stuck them all on to a white lack ikea table, and my new funky looking coffee table was complete.”